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When you at last make a decision to get the help you need you take a giant step forward to a better life, but when faced with so many available drug rehab options, it can be tough to know what you need and where you should go. Rehab can be very expensive, but it’s not only about the money, and you don’t want to waste your time, energy and hope on a drug rehab that’s not going to work.

Here are ten ways to evaluate the likely quality of a rehab, and to make sure that the rehab you select is offering effective care.

10 ways to evaluate the quality of a rehab

1) Is it clean?

While the general level of cleanliness and organization may not be directly related to the effectiveness of therapies, run down or dirty facilities signify a poorly run or under funded rehab, and when they can’t even keep things clean, they probably can’t perform well on other more important aspects of care.

2) Do they return your calls quickly?

You don’t want to get treatment at a facility that doesn’t treat your concerns with respect. You deserve information in a timely manner and if they don’t treat you well before you enter, don’t expect things to change once you’re a patient.

3) Does the rehab have a good reputation?

Call your doctor, ask around, and call the better business bureau. One bad report may not mean much, but if no one has anything good to say, you may want to turn elsewhere.

4) Does the philosophy of care match your personal beliefs?

If you don’t believe in god, don’t go to a Christian rehab.

5) Is the rehab accredited?

An accredited rehab must conform to governmental standards of therapy and care, and an accredited facility must employ professional therapists and use proven treatments. Accreditation doesn’t prove that a rehab is good, but it likely tells you that it’s not terrible.

6) Do they offer a comprehensive mix of therapies?

No one form of treatment works well for everyone. If the rehab only uses one form of treatment and you don’t relate well to that one form of therapy, you are unlikely to get much from your rehab experience. More is always better.

7) Are the days filled with therapy?

Ask to see the weekly schedule and look for a rehab that fills each and every day with the therapies and treatments you need to get better. Beware of too many sessions called personal meditation, free time or self reflection. A little of each can be helpful, but a lot simply indicates a low intensity of the therapies that you need.

8) How much aftercare is offered?

The single greatest predictor of long term success is how intensely you participate in the therapies of aftercare. Don’t go to a rehab that doesn’t offer you comprehensive aftercare as a part of the price of admission.

9) Do they use medications?

Nothing works well on its own, and that includes pharmacological interventions, but when craving minimizing medications are combined with comprehensive therapies, addicts in recovery truly have the best chance at success. If they don’t medicate, why not?

10) Does it feel right to you?

A complete intangible, but nevertheless extremely important; you need to select a facility that you’re going to be happy to live in for a month or more, and you don’t want to enter into a program that somehow seems off to you. You don’t need to be able to label what’s wrong, just listen to your gut and if it doesn’t feel right…it’s not.

Make an educated choice

At some point you just need to make a commitment, hope for the best and get into treatment, and any treatment is better than no treatment and a life of continuing abuse and pain. Most rehabs offer an excellent level of care and are run by committed and passionate professionals, many of them recovering addicts themselves. There are unfortunately some rehabs that do not provide effective or concerned treatments, and you do need to do a bit of research to ensure that you get what you pay for, and get what’s going to work for you.

Rehab Options in Your Local Area

Looking for Help for You or a Loved One?

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